Cable Modem 3.0

Cable Modem 3.0. Communications, Engineering and Design Magazine has an overview of a newer, faster, cable modem standards from CableLabs.

DOCSIS 1.0 is the Trojan Horse, and DOCSIS 1.1
is the Greek soldiers inside,” says Ryan Jones, media and entertainment
analyst for the Yankee Group. “With 1.1 you can provision different
levels of service, and [with QOS] provide IP telephony. But DOCSIS 1.0
and DOCSIS 1.1 had poor upstream speed. Currently, most cable modems
are based on (Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification) DOCSIS 1.1.

Operators are now in the early stages of deploying DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems. DOCSIS 2.0 delivers up to 30 Mbps upstream and 40 Mbps down. 

Only a handful of operators have currently
employed DOCSIS 2.0 which uses CDMA modulation to minimize noise and
increase upstream speeds.

CableLabs are now working on the next generation, DOCSIS 3.0 that will blow today's cable modem speeds out of the water.
DOCSIS 3.0, could offer downstream bandwidth of 200 Mbps per channel, and 100 Mbps per
channel upstream.

The 3.0 version would give operators
enough bandwidth to offer a wide range of IP-based,
entertainment-quality media services.

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