Arranging ideas

Arranging ideas.

“In my book, knowledge management boils down to arranging ideas”

This post
by Amy Gahran captures something I feel quite strongly about – the role
and place of thought organization vs. dialog, flow and emergence in KM.

Structuring personal ideas and thoughts is a very small part of KM
as I see things – it's far more important to engage in dialog,
participate in discourse, maintain networks and assist in the social
construction of knowledge.

The power of knowledge does not seem to come from (re)working
explicit stuff, but from making new connections, helping a group form
new and meaningful distinctions, crafting, vetting and applying patterns, building shared meaning, keeping each-other aware of important events, changes and happenings.

John More has been exploring the attributes of explicit knowledge and
pointing to the large reserves of tacit and implicit knowledge that
underlies much of what we know. Seems as we spend more energy in
structuring explicit knowledge, so we reduce the potential for reaching
the periphery.

Arranging thoughts is but a small step away from treating knowledge
almost exclusively as an object, branding and trading knowledge assets,
accounting and building intellectual capital. Not the core of KM by any measure.   [Knowledge-at-work]

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