Redefining Working In The Virtual World

Redefining Working In The Virtual World.

Mike Heck, a reviewer for the weekly trade publication InfoWorld has just published a review of
Groove Virtual Office v3.0. It's great to see that we received an
overall “Excellent” rating and a score of 8.6 out of a possible 10.
Here's what Heck had to say:

“In large
organizations it's common to find projects performed by people at
widely separated locales. Unfortunately, in order for remote workers to
share information, companies need to invest in expensive
infrastructures and extensive alterations to enterprise groupware
applications. Groove Virtual Office 3.0 sidesteps this costly
customization. Out of the box, the solution helps users share
documents, track issues, hold ad-hoc meetings, and access legacy-system
data. But my testing showed something larger: Groove Networks hasn't
simply repackaged existing collaboration technology. The developers
turned their obvious deep understanding of the virtual workplace into a
solution that defines a new way of working…”

Heck concludes: “I don't know of any product that currently tops Groove 3.0's usability and breadth…”

Check it out for yourself.   [ Weblog]

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