Tinderbox Weekend Trip Report

Tinderbox Weekend Trip Report.

Lisa Firke has posted a fine trip report on Tinderbox Weekend.

” The whole weekend was like this, really. The best moments were those sudden glimpses into other people's Tinderboxen. I am grateful to Rosemary Simpson of Brown for unseating a very fixed prejudice against MS Word, showing me that the art tools (silly bloated add-ons) can be used to make witty cloud callout adornments for Tinderbox maps. The complexity and size of her research file was boggling and yet extremely graceful.”

Elin Sjursen adds:

“The seminar became something much more and deeper than how to do cool stuff in Tinderbox – I met a fantastic group of people who all are thinking about how to collect, organize, and most importantly, make sense of and analyze their data. They are all using Tinderbox in extremely different ways, and every single one of them brought some inspiring thought or insight to the table.”

Jeffrey Radcliffe just moved tinctoris.com to Tinderbox.

“I've migrated this site from MovableType to Tinderbox overnight.”

“The motive force, of course, was the recent Tinderbox Weekend. Firstly, it proved that the tool could do what do I wanted it to, and secondly it gave me enough of a nudge to my skills to have a moment of Tinderbox satori.”


“I don't entirely understand how it came to this, but at this point I'm using Tinderbox for my personal, professional, and creative organization. To say that the tool is fascinating goes without saying. But interesting tools that are not useful in creating content and output are nothing more than curiosities. It's obvious I've found an excellent tool; let us see where it takes us.”

His Tinderbox Weekend roundup is a hoot:

Every single person there was fantastic, and I regret not having the opportunity to talk more with everyone…. From an informal survey, it seemed that the basic what do you do with this beast exchange was the favorite.”

“Overall, an excellent experience. The bonus use of reify in a sentence was merely the icing on the cake.”  [Mark Bernstein]

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