Technology Hard Road For Small Businesses

Technology Hard Road For Small Businesses.

John Schwartz of The New York Times (requires subscription) has an interesting story in this morning's paper about how computing can be a hard road for small businesses. 

Jim Browning, the vice president and research director for the small- and midsize business research group at Gartner Group, makes the point that security is often one of the last things considered by small business purchasers, but should be among the first.

Other issues raised within the article include the security risks of laptops, and the need for small businesses to create virtual private networks so that employees and trusted business partners can enter the company's network securely.

Groove addresses all three concerns raised in the article. 

  • Groove security is automatic and always on.
  • When you use Groove, the information on your hard drive is encrypted.  So if someone steals your laptop, they can't get access to the information unless they know your Groove password.  Moreover, backup comes from your colleagues.  Once you get a new laptop, you can be reinvited to your Groove workspaces and get all the data you had previously.
  • Finally, there is no need for setting up an expensive virtual private network if you're using Groove.  All of your communications is secure, both on your hard drive, and traveling over the wire.  And it's easy to get your business partners up and running in a secure Groove workspace — quickly!

If you're a small business person struggling with some of the issues highlighted in the New York Times this morning, you'll want to check out Groove.  For more information, check out the small business page on our web site.

In addition, case studies like these from The Linc Group or AxisPoint, or AlgoRx provide some prescriptive guidance on how other small businesses are using Groove to save time, money and ultimately produce higher quality outputs.  [ Weblog]

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