Beyond Phishing: Content Snatchers

Beyond Phishing: Content Snatchers.

I love discovering little unknown websites with rich contents pulled together by dedicated enthusiasts and professionals.  I also enjoy online specialty stores with wild array of rare products from around the world.  It used to be that one could depend on them being trustworthy if they had a lot of contents because if they invested their time and resources to build the content, they wouldn't disappear overnight.  Well, not anymore.

Recent series of articles by show that crooks are stealing small website contents and using them to setup new websites with little changes.  With the right tool, a thief can snatch every byte off a website, scrub off hidden tracking code, and set it up at another domain within a few hours.  Once the site is setup, they can attract new visitors in the same way other sites does, sell advertising or collect credit card numbers until they smell trouble (which could be weeks to months), and disappear without a trace.  [Don Park's Daily Habit]

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