Partner Meeting at Groove

Partner Meeting at Groove.

Many of our partners are here today in Beverly, Mass., for two days of briefings on what's upcoming.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Butler from PopG, a long-time partner in the UK, and Cynthia Corritore, Ph.D., an associate professor in the department of information systems and technology, for the college of business administration at Creighton University. 

Cynthia has been piloting the use of Groove in some of her courses and, while excited about the potential of the technology, ran into the issue of students not being able to access their workspaces from a browser.  She connected with Charles at PopG, and now believes a blended solution of Groove on a laptop with a PopG account is the answer.  The blended solution is ideal for students who don't want to carry their laptops around campus, for graduate students who are working but not able to install Groove on their work PCs because their desktops are locked down, or for students who want to check on the latest updates in their workspaces from the local local Internet cafe.  

Cynthia also demonstrated Groove running on a Pocket PC device.  Very exciting.

Every week we get inquiries into this web site about whether Groove runs on a Mac, or whether we have a version for Linux.  For those of you looking to run Groove in those environments, it's time to take another look at PopG, particularly now since they have located a server in the U.S., and the performance of their service has improved dramatically.  [ Weblog]

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