What's the Context?

What's the Context?. Legal Services + Social Networking…. Posted Feb 27, 2004, 12:17 PM ET by Judith Meskill

Demir Barlas writes that Miller & Chevalier, a Washington, D.C. law firm, has installed Interface Software’s Social Networking system to connect their ~120 lawyers and professionals. Not likely bedfellows but the utilization of Interface’s solution has, according to Sturgis Sobin, chairman of the international department of Miller & Chevalier, created new business: “In the past year, we’ve had a couple of instances where the software identified an existing relationship we’d never have been aware of otherwise,” says Sobin. “One of those engagements generated more than a million dollars in new business.” A most practical application of Social Networking Services [The Social Software Weblog]

Marc's bit….

Yet another example of social networking as a feature, not a stand alone market.  Maybe eventually hopefully like soon enough some day folks will stop trying to ask “how do you make money from social networking” and instead will say “what can I use social networking for?”

In other words – as danah likes to sayWhat's the Context?  [Marc's Voice]

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