The Atlantic

The Atlantic.  Jack Beatty.  Terminal Senatitis.  Over two days I saw John Edwards and John Kerry speak at Dartmouth College. Edwards exhilarated my wife and me and the rest of the audience. We left the Kerry event before it ended and would have gone earlier if we had not hooked a ride with a more-patient friend—for we were bored, disappointed, and angry…  How, we wondered aloud driving home, could a man in public life for decades, running for President for more than a year, not do better than this?

NOTE:  I get the same feeling from Kerry that I got from Gore.  Both spent so much time running for president that they forgot why they ran in the first place.  Passion for the job is replaced by rote response.  At the least, Dean and Edwards have the requisite passion for the job. [John Robb's Weblog]

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