There are three ways to build a hot weblog.

There are three ways to build a hot weblog.

To be a connection machine (people with huge blogrolls and/or RSS lists that point to other weblogs — they do add their two cents and sometimes their thinking).

To be a name dropper (people that imply they understand what is really going on — and you don’t — given their personal connections that they constantly let you know about).

To be an ideologue (people that support a single cause with unquestioned faith).

Here are the ways to build a second tier (but still popular) weblog:

To be a thinker (people that delve into topics with intelligence and/or wit).

To be a topic owner (people that own a topic and report on it with unquestioned knowledge and depth).

To be a voice of outrage/affirmation (people that critique others as often as they can or are on the bandwagon).

To be a cool hunter (people that find the newest of the new or the strangest of the strange).

Which one are you? Are there more categories? Am I wrong? I will add to this post as new thinking arrives. [John Robb’s Weblog]

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