Nerd Wars: An Echo for RSS

Nerd Wars: An Echo for RSS. I've been humiliated by Dave Winer before. He's a talented writer, and can make you feel really small if he wants to. Big deal; in general, he has a big heart and a generous spirit, he just has occasional lapses like everyone else. The sad thing is that because he pours his heart out in his weblog, you get to see the whole Dave, warts and all. Now he's offended a critical mass of people…

In the past few weeks, RSS and Dave Winer has been tortured because a group of developers disagreed with or were pushed by Dave to develop a new format called Echo. From Tim Bray's comments, it appears that new Echo format is going to look a lot like RSS. Frankly i would prefer an RSS 3.0 spec with Dave's participation instead of an Echo 0.1, but i can see why Dave is staying at the periphery.  [PHP Everywhere]

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