Sky Dayton Recruits Venues

Sky Dayton Recruits Venues. Sky Dayton recruits venues through Entrepreneur magazine: Boingo CEO Sky Dayton co-authored an article in Entrepreneur's July issue on why and how to become a Wi-Fi hot spot if you're on the real-estate side. Makes sense for them to recruit, because thousands of disparate locations, self-funded using turnkey soutions, provide them more revenue with little cost and create at least the perception that hot spot service is increasing. The article is quite a detailed primer which gives some insight into Boingo's overall approach. If you don't buy into Boingo's world view, then you won't buy into the article, for sure. Craig Plunkett of CEDX is noted in a sidebar. Craig has sought good venues and partnerships, and is a frequent correspondent to this blogger, providing insight into the east coast market. Rick Ehrlinspiel of Surf and Sip is noted in another sidebar. Rick was just a panelist on a the Will People Pay for Hotspot Service? session I moderated in Boston yesterday…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

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