Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?)

Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?). – “It's a bad day in the stacks.”

“I go three for seven: three books found, one that should be there but isn't, one recorded lost, and one checked out that will have to be recalled. The seventh is the one I really want: QB54.C661. There's no copy in UC Berkeley's main Doe Library stacks – it's shelved in the Math Library. The Math copy is not where it's supposed to be, but the catalog claims there are two copies on the shelves in Moffitt. Then time's up. It will be 64 hours before I get another crack at tracking down Appendix D of Carl Sagan, ed., Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence.”

“And that's after two hours doing very low grade work: looking up call numbers, wandering down corridors, waiting for the crowds to clear out between the compact movable stacks so I can get at the shelves without crushing grad students in the next aisle. Knowledge revolution, indeed.”

“So why can't I just call up the text on my computer screen? Where is my universal online library? (from Wired via Slashdot) [Library Stuff]

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