Welcome to the Word Police Academy

Welcome to the Word Police Academy. – “The Word Police are looking for a few good people. As a certified Word Police officer, you will be entitled to issue Grammar Citations when you see or hear crimes against the language. To be inducted into the force, you must pass a Word Police Academy exam.”

“The Word Police Force has many divisions and squads. The current entrance exam is for the Meaning Detectives (N-Z). (Note: Those who successfully complete both exams will earn the special distinction of being inducted into the Alphabetical Order.) An officer admitted to any squad or division of the Word Police will earn a certificate from the Word Police Academy and be empowered to issue Grammar Citations. Men and women (we are an equal-opportunity employer) who have already been admitted to the Word Police Force may return to this page regularly to take additional exams and earn certificates for other divisions and squads of the Word Police.” (from (The Atlantic Monthly via Folderol) [Library Stuff]

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