Is this mob just too smart?

Is this mob just too smart?. Collective Detective,, is an online community dedicated to Collective Gaming and Immersive Entertainment. Collective Detective members who joined together to play Terraquest,, an online game by MindQuest Entertainment, solved the first phase of the game only Three days after Terraquest's launch. Phase One, offering a $25,000 prize for it's solution, was scheduled to last for a month. However, the organized “Detectives” on Collective Detective, managed to pool information and rapidly sort through clues, leading them to the solution, long before the planned phase conclusion. There are five phases remaining in the game.

Collective Detective, located at, is a subscription based, member driven community, custom developed for the Immersive Entertainment genre. Collective Detective provides the community with a forum for “human information filtering,” a unique problem-solving strategy consisting of group discussion, collective research and real-time information sharing. [Smart Mobs]

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