Digital Service Convergence

Digital Service ConvergencePayPal, Ink a Deal

Online payment processor PayPal and online postage provider have joined forces to enable PayPal users to buy and print postage from their accounts.

The companies say the Web-based service will allow PayPal sellers to calculate the exact amount of postage needed and to print a shipping label with the buyer's information already on it, according to a PayPal statement.

In addition, the electronic delivery confirmation feature will allow sellers to verify delivery of their shipments online….

'Our focus is on delivering a complete Web-based technology for shipping and mailing,' McBride says. 'Integrating our functions with PayPal, the leader in the payment space in the online auction space, [makes sense] because the natural place for a shipping transaction is following a payment transaction….'

PayPal also entered into an agreement with United Parcel Service of America, in which UPS digital shipping tools will be built into PayPal's online payment process, enabling sellers to print shipping labels and buyers to receive tracking numbers via e-mail.” [PC World]

Are we finally starting to see a micropayment service approach a tipping point? Are any libraries working with PayPal for registration fees, overdues, etc.?  [The Shifted Librarian]

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