Facet analytical theory (FAT)

Facet analytical theory (FAT). From SIGCR-L: A new research project at University College London (U.K.) – 'Facet Analytical Theory for Knowledge Structure in Humanities' Facet analytical theory (FAT) is a novel method of indexing which deals with individual simple terms. It builds up a map of subjects “bottom-up” by clustering terms in a systematic way,… Continue reading Facet analytical theory (FAT)

Breadcrumbs — Good or bad?

Breadcrumbs — Good or bad?. InfoDesign points us to Website Structural Navigation, a test of the usefulness of breadcrumb navigation. To spoil the ending: “The impact is clear—navigation bars are good, but more so for advanced users than novice ones. For large websites, they are invaluable.” [ia/ – news for information architects]

Amy Wohl

Amy Wohl: “This is yet another example of corrupt politicians, paid by wealthy constituents to enact unfair laws.” [Scripting News]


Endeca. “Guided Navigation (SM)” is faceted classification. They clean it up a bit, expose the facets in an intelligent way, and have an integrated search, but don't let their service marked slogan make you think they've invented something new. What they do have, however, is probably the best explanation of faceted classification I've seen,. [ia/… Continue reading Endeca

The Economist

The Economist.  Airbus is slowly killing Boeing.  My old buddy and former roomate during pilot training is now a senior pilot at United.  He tells me that the cockpit design for Airbus is modern and efficient while Boeing aircraft haven't changed since the 60s.  That means a task that takes 3-4 steps in an Airbus… Continue reading The Economist

Enterprise PHP

Enterprise PHP. If you are too popular, jealous people are always saying behind your back that you are a compulsive schmoozer, or you are insecure, or insincere. Well PHP is an Open Source language that is widely popular on the web. However because PHP so popular in shared hosting environments, many people have an impression… Continue reading Enterprise PHP