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Technology News from Wired News – Big Blue's Big Brother Lab. Imagine knowing the name of every single person who lived in this world. One of IBM's lab scientists shows how existing technology could make this scenario possible. [Privacy Digest]

Ozone comes of age

Ozone comes of age. Falko Braeutigam has announced Ozone 1.0, the first stable release of the open source object oriented database, which comes with a XML persistent DOM implementation. [xmlhack]


CamWorld on HailStorm: “Why hasn't someone proposed a similar technology that takes advantage of the open Internet technologies to build a competing “public data project” or “universal profile database” that could be operated by a non-profit organization or by a group of Internet companies like Amazon, Paypal, Sun, etc.?” Cam asks excellent questions. Lumeria has… Continue reading CamWorld

John Dvorak

John Dvorak: “I suppose now is as good a time as any to air my complaints about Microsoft's decision to make its next iteration of the operating system into nagware.” [Scripting News]

In Microsoft do you trust?

ZDNet: Business & Tech E-Commerce: In Microsoft do you trust? To breathe in the electronic environment of Microsoft's .Net imaginings, consumers must first hand their private information over to Microsoft, and trust the Redmond company to store it securely and parcel it out judiciously. Some think it's an impossible goal for a company with already… Continue reading In Microsoft do you trust?

Are the Groove designers Architecture Astronauts?

Are the Groove designers Architecture Astronauts?. When you say “it's a platform, third parties will build things,” you have to explain what KIND of things and why THEY will be killer apps that sell the architecture. If you keep hearing the same examples, you're in deep trouble [Joel on Software]

Don't go near the water

Don't go near the water. Jeb Bush's controversial plan to dump wastewater near drinking wells may be his big brother's next environmental mess. [Salon.com]