Save My Whiteboard:

Save My Whiteboard:. Save My Whiteboard: “I find that students having difficulty understanding the lecture are faced with a perplexing decision. They can either take notes like crazy, trying to write down everything the professor says, and hope to decipher them sometime after class, or they can put down their pencils and concentrate completely on… Continue reading Save My Whiteboard:

Faster 'Net growth rate raises fears about routers

Network World: Faster 'Net growth rate raises fears about routers. Nobody knows how big or how active the routing table can get before the Internet's core routers start crashing. But current projections show that if the growth goes unchecked, the Internet could face a router processing-power crunch in as soon as 18 months. [Tomalak's Realm]

Radio Userland

My copy of Radio Userland, which is what I use to manage this weblog, is misbehaving today. But using the “Start Over” command seems to have fixed things. I wonder what the real problem was. Maybe one of the object databases got corrupted.

The “Computer as Assistant” Fallacy

Dan Bricklin: The “Computer as Assistant” Fallacy. This type of thinking strikes me as strange. We don't ask for our automobiles to be more natural and intelligent, nor do we call for the next generation of cars to be like chauffeurs. With cars, we talk about responsiveness, comfort, power, cargo size, and safety. [Tomalak's Realm]