O'Reilly Awards $10,000 1-Click Bounty to Three “Runners Up”

O'Reilly Awards $10,000 1-Click Bounty to Three “Runners Up”. O'Reilly Awards $10,000 1-Click Bounty to Three “Runners Up”–Tim O'Reilly decides to split the $10,000 Bounty on Amazon's 1-Click patent between the three submitters who unearthed prior art that strikes at the heart of Amazon's claims. … [Meerkat: An Open Wire Service]

Too Much Stuff Around the House

Too Much Stuff Around the House. How much money do you have “invested” in household things you never use? A Fool laments. [The Motley Fool]

Interoperability, Not Standards

O'Reilly Network: Interoperability, Not Standards. Clay Shirky. To have standards, you need a standards body. To have interoperability, you just need software and conversations, which is good news, since that's all we have right now. The bad news is that the conversations are still so fragmented and so dispersed. [Tomalak's Realm]

SEC Chief to Enforce Standard

Bloomberg News: SEC Chief to Enforce Standard. The rule, which went into effect in October, prohibits companies from giving important news to selected Wall Street analysts before they announce it publicly. It seeks to stop companies from giving briefings to a selected few on market-sensitive information such as earnings, new products and mergers. Laura S.… Continue reading SEC Chief to Enforce Standard

Python Web Application Tools

O'ReillyNet: Python Web Application Tools “Digital Creation's Zope is the most well known Python web application server. In features and maturity, it has no real competitors. When it comes to Python web application development, however, it does have some challengers. Chuck Esterbrook leads a project to create an application server more oriented to Python developers,… Continue reading Python Web Application Tools

One study

“Hard medical evidence is beginning to accumulate supporting the contention (long intuited in medical circles) that Alzheimer's Disease is less common among people who engage in intense and diverse intellectual activity through most of their lives. In other words, the more you use your mind, the less you're likely to lose it. We're still arguing… Continue reading One study