Python Web Application Tools

O'ReillyNet: Python Web Application Tools “Digital Creation's Zope is the most well known Python web application server. In features and maturity, it has no real competitors. When it comes to Python web application development, however, it does have some challengers. Chuck Esterbrook leads a project to create an application server more oriented to Python developers, namely, Webware for Python. Several modules make up the Webware package. The core part is WebKit, the actual application server. WebKit works in roughly the same way as a Java Servlet engine, managing and executing Python servlets. WebKit is extendable through plug-in modules. There is a plug-in to wrap CGI programs and a plug-in to add Python Server Pages (PSP). PSP works in roughly the same way as ASP or JSP, allowing you to embed Python directly in your web pages.” [Zope Newbie News]

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