Required Reading: Microsoft Security Explained

Required Reading: Microsoft Security Explained.

This is not a joke, not a Geek Squad employee recording their customers in the shower, not a deathbed confession of who killed JFK. This is real. This is the most eloquently put illustration of Microsofts incompetence / ignorance. I wish I could write like this but unfortunately I’m the one paying for it so my points tend to become far more fiery.

Print that page, forward it to your staff, forward it to your clients and forward it to your IT peers. This blog post picks apart Microsoft’s lack of commitment to releasing solid patches and I think you’ll all agree that we have put up with enough stuff this century, to the point that most of us have labs, overhead/overtime, infrastructure/WSUS and additional software… all to do the job that Microsoft should have done prior to their releases.

We either make light of this all and demand change or we shut off our patching and let the servers fall where they may. 
[Vlad Mazek – Vladville Blog]

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