Joey Stanford: Top Secret: Unboxing System76's Unannounced Laptop!

Joey Stanford: Top Secret: Unboxing System76's Unannounced Laptop!

Get yourself some water and a napkin because this is a drool-fest. Gizmodo eat your heart out.

I stirred up quite a bit of excitement with my previous post concerning a new System76 laptop prototype that I spotted at my CoLoCo presentation to NCLUG. I am now able to release some of the backstory and details.

A few days before the presentation I emailed Carl from System76 with my dream specs for a laptop. He replied the same day that he had just gotten a prototype of their new machine that matched my specs to the letter minus a DVI-out connection. Carl brought it up to the presentation. I was so impressed I, like others, asked when I could put my order in. I shot Carl an email the next day and he did something special. As many of you know System76 is not only a big Ubuntu supporter but they also very much support LoCo teams. I’m fortunate enough to be currently running the LoCo where System76 resides. As a special favour he allowed me to place an order before the company was tooled up to take regular customer orders on this new model. I thought, “wow, that’s really nice!” so I put in my order about a week ago expecting it to be mid-February when the first production run completed and I would take possession.

Imagine my surprise when Carl called me today, Saturday, and told me my laptop was ready. System76 did a final production ready test run this week and Carl was able to snag me one of those machine. (You rock Carl!) I understand they are still tooling up the manufacturing floor (and their website) to handle this new model so right now I am the luckiest geek on the planet for about two more weeks. . . .  [via Planet Ubuntu]

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