15 Ideas (the summary)

15 Ideas (the summary).  Griffin does a nice job of summarizing some of the big ideas in the Big Moo: Real security comes from growth ( Page xiv ) To me this is the best statement in the book and it's right there in the preface. Wanting growth and attaining growth are two different things… Continue reading 15 Ideas (the summary)

Geeks In Paradise: On Being A High-Tech Professional In Hawai'i

Geeks In Paradise: On Being A High-Tech Professional In Hawai'i. A commenter on a recent post asked a question I get quite a bit, namely, “What's the market in Hawai'i for high-tech professionals?” The short answer is that in Honolulu it's great and that every place else in the state it's poor. Honolulu's a million-person… Continue reading Geeks In Paradise: On Being A High-Tech Professional In Hawai'i

Take 20 every 90

Take 20 every 90. Productivity guy (and regular napper) Merlin Mann's doing some research on Ultradian rhythms, or the recurring cycles our bodies go through during the day – and how a well-placed 20 minute nap can boost your output and morale. An Ultradian rhythm expert says: When you learn how to recognize your need… Continue reading Take 20 every 90

Create sticky posts

Create sticky posts.  Ever seen those “sticky” posts on blogs that stay up for a pre-determined amount of time? Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration has written up a useful sticky how-to for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or Windows Live Spaces blogs. Sticky posts are great if you have a topic that you would like to stay… Continue reading Create sticky posts

A New Job, A New System

A New Job, A New System. Submitted by dougj on Wed, 2006-09-06 11:06. I look upon new jobs as great opportunities to tweak one's planning system. In fact, it's one of the only times I feel truly justified in sitting down, working out my time management strategies, and implementing a new way of doing things.… Continue reading A New Job, A New System

Argue your way around this

Argue your way around this. The worst twist in American democracy is that the voters have learned to pass the stupendous costs of the welfare state on to the next generation. It's bad enough when some voters force other voters to support them. But the American voter has learned to force nonvoters to bear his… Continue reading Argue your way around this

What Is a Virtual Librarian?

What Is a Virtual Librarian?. Jessamyn West has an interesting post about MassAnswers, the statewide virtual reference service for Massachussetts. It says a lot of the things that have occurred to me during the last three months, but I'd like to see more discussion about the answers piece. During the last few months, I've used… Continue reading What Is a Virtual Librarian?