Argue your way around this

Argue your way around this.

The worst twist in American democracy is that the voters have learned to pass the stupendous costs of the welfare state on to the next generation. It's bad enough when some voters force other voters to support them. But the American voter has learned to force nonvoters to bear his expenses, by deferring payment to the next generation.

The next time you pass a playground, look at all those little nonvoters, oblivious of what awaits them, and ask yourself if it's really honest to teach them that they will someday enjoy self-government. In what sense are they governing themselves, if, before they even enter the voting booth for the first time, they are already saddled with huge debts they had no part in incurring and will have no way of escaping? Is that what our ancestors meant by self-government — or is it more akin to what they called involuntary servitude�?

Joseph Sobran

Same argument for debts incurred to fight foreign wars.  [Curiouser and Curiouser!]

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