Times are Changing

Times are Changing

So, things have been happening in the iFolder project. First,
has left Novell (good luck in the future!) which has meant less people to work on the team. Therefore, a big change…

The team are not rewriting iFolder client. Previously, a decision had been made to rewrite iFolder for version 3.5 (known as the 'native client'). This meant moving from C# (i.e. Mono, GTK# and Cocoa#) to C/C++ (and GTK+, Cocoa). There are many reasons why this was considered and coding even began (as Boyd posted). However, a majority decision has been made to retain the client in C# and just keep on making it better.

Simias (the essential component to iFolder) was going to be removed from the 'native client' which would have removed P2P support. But this will not happen now! We need a willing voluenterr to look at the current P2P SVN code and see what can be done. Drop along #ifolder on irc.gimp.net to help out.

You may be disappointed, you may be pleased. Whichever way, iFolder will continue to be a great product and the upcoming 3.4 release of the client and server will totally rock. Stay tuned!

– Seb Payne [iFolder News]

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