Forbes' 150 cheap places to live rich

Forbes' 150 cheap places to live rich.

Forbes advises freelancers who internet telecommute to buy a home in a cheap area of the U.S. to reduce their costs while still pulling in a big city salary.

Surviving as a freelance knowledge worker–where you sell your time–is extremely tough in high-priced joints like New York, California or Washington, especially if you are the sole family breadwinner. It is cruelly difficult to generate enough income to make your $4,000 per month mortgage payments, keep the cars and professional wardrobes up, take clients to dinner, maybe send the kids to private schools and try to save money.

However, a cheap house in quaint Ithaca, NY, changes the whole game. On Forbes' 150 cheap places to live list you'll find Billings, Montana, Bardstown, Kentucky and Buffalo, New York.

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