One Page Sites

One Page Sites. 37 Signals comes up with an interesting survey of one-page web site designs. The one-page site is an interesting kind of minimalism. And since minimalism is 37 Signals' stock in trade, the survey makes a lot of sense. If you're thinking about a Personal Information Page (and if you don't have one,… Continue reading One Page Sites

NSA Creating Massive Phone-Call Database

NSA Creating Massive Phone-Call Database. There's other NSA news today: USA Today is reporting that the NSA is collecting a massive traffic-analysis database on Americans' phone calls. This looks like yet another piece of Echelon technology turned against Americans. The NSA's domestic program, as described by sources, is far more expansive than what the White… Continue reading NSA Creating Massive Phone-Call Database

Major Vulnerability Found in Diebold Election Machines

Major Vulnerability Found in Diebold Election Machines. This is a big deal: Elections officials in several states are scrambling to understand and limit the risk from a “dangerous” security hole found in Diebold Election Systems Inc.'s ATM-like touch-screen voting machines. The hole is considered more worrisome than most security problems discovered on modern voting machines,… Continue reading Major Vulnerability Found in Diebold Election Machines

Startup lessons learned

Startup lessons learned. Paul Graham, who gave us great ideas for startups now comes back with startup lessons learned. Lesson #1: release early. There are several reasons it pays to get version 1 done fast. One is that this is simply the right way to write software, whether for a startup or not. I've been… Continue reading Startup lessons learned