How do you deploy?

How do you deploy?.

The other day I was watching a webcast for all the new cool deployment tools of Vista for small to medium businesses… but there's one problem…. down here in the small biz space we don't buy the computers in a manner to deploy like we should. Hands up.. who has clients that buy anything other than OEM operating systems? Unless your client has Action pack, or some other means to get a retail operating system, most in the small biz, soho space buy the operating system and the software for that system when they buy the computer.

So when the webcast talks about how you can more easily deploy images… we don't. Now some folks are looking to image the desktops for purposes of disaster recovery, but even then I have a concern. Because what happens if something does happen to the desktop that you've imaged and you bring in another desktop that's also an OEM… what's the impact on the license?

And these days… buying an OEM unless you specify media and certain models, you end up with gunk all over the place that you have to clean up.

…so I don't know about you.. but I'm typically deploying….one… desktop… at…..a …..time…

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