Shut up and get 'er done!

Shut up and get 'er done!.  Over at the new web design, web development and entrepreneurial resource, Vitamin (which looks great BTW) Jason Fried has posted a nice post about getting work done. One tip to help you create some alone time is… Set up a rule at work: Make half the day alone time.… Continue reading Shut up and get 'er done!

Global Broadband Stats

Global Broadband Stats. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development addresses issues arising from the “digital economy”, the developing global information infrastructure and the evolution towards a global information society. They say broadband has increased during 2005 from 136 million in June 2005 to 158 million by December 2005. Broadband penetration growth in the OECD… Continue reading Global Broadband Stats

The IT Value Matrix

The IT Value Matrix. Bruce MacEwen points to a fascinating approach to expressing IT value in business terms recently reported on by CIO magazine. Bruce also offers some great insights into the results of a project that led to something called “The IT Value Matrix.” I simply recommend that you check out the IT Value… Continue reading The IT Value Matrix

Common mistakes of the newly self-employed

Common mistakes of the newly self-employed. Steve Pavlina has written a guide detailing 10 common mistakes made by the newly self-employed, like spending too little money. Don't let frugality get in the way of efficiency. Take advantage of skilled contractors who can do certain tasks more efficiently than you can. Buy decent equipment when it's… Continue reading Common mistakes of the newly self-employed

America's Fate: the Titanic's.

America's Fate: the Titanic's.. David Walker, U.S. Comptroller, gave a speech recently which was re-aired on C-Span this evening. It was the most important speech made in the last 5 years and will remain the most important speech for America's future for decades. America is on a path to depression and bankruptcy, and the politicians… Continue reading America's Fate: the Titanic's.

I Give Up …

I Give Up …. The New York Times reports that Ivan Seidenberg, CEO of Verizon, collected $19.6 million in compensation last year, up 48 percent. The stock, meanwhile, fell 26 percent. Earnings dropped 5.5 percent. The firm's credit rating was downgraded. And 50,000 managers had their pensions frozen. The Board justified the pay packet, claiming… Continue reading I Give Up …

Catching up

Catching up. I've been on blogging hiatus for a long time, but here's some updates as to what I've been doing. XTech, MacBook, Debian, Rails. [Edd Dumbill's Weblog: Behind the Times]

U.S. lags in high-speed Internet

U.S. lags in high-speed Internet. The U.S. has fallen to 12th in global ranking of high-speed Internet connections. We now lag behind many other industrialized countries in Europe and Asia, according to a recent survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that… [InfoWorld Tech Watch]