iFolder goes to 5 blades …

iFolder goes to 5 blades …

Two Brainshares ago Novell opensourced their iFolder
client. iFolder had some problems catching on in the OSS community,
mainly the server piece was still closed. This was mitigated by the
SimpleServer, which was a kind of tacked on free server originally used
by developers to test the client.

Those of us who needed iFolder badly enough lived with SimpleServer,
though it lacked SSL and any form of decent user management. iFolder
had problems finding its way into distributions like Debian and Ubuntu
since a part of it, flaim, wasn't opened up yet. It took a while, but
Novell eventually OSSed flaim, and now today Calvin announced the fully open sourced iFolder server.

All of iFolder is now opensourced, from the server to the client.
The server includes a web administration interface as well as a
webfrontend for those times you need to access a file from a computer
without iFolder. As someone who uses multiple PCs, I can't begin to
explain how easy and transparent using iFolder is, it's a really
kickass thing, and I'm glad Novell has fully opensourced the whole

It took a long time to reach this point, so congrats to Brady, Boyd, Calvin, and the rest of the iFolder team.   [jorge @ whiprush.org]

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