Rails 1.1: Release Candidate 1 available

Rails 1.1: Release Candidate 1 available.

It’s been roughly three months since the release of the big one-oh. That’s obviously an eternity in Rails time, so its about high time we’re getting ready for the release for 1.1. And boy, is this an exciting upgrade!

I do believe this is the biggest upgrade to Rails we’ve ever done. We have recorded about 500 fixes, tweaks, and new features in the changelogs. That’s a lot and that’s just counting major new features like RJS as one. . . .

If you’re wondering why to even bother with Rails 1.1, Scott Raymond currently has the best play-by-play overview of what’s new. We’ll be adding to that with more walkthroughs and hopefully movies around release time.

If you need more documentation, I strongly encourage you to pick up Chad Fowler’s Rails Recipe book. It’s currently out in its 3rd beta release and includes a bunch of great recipes on the new 1.1 features. Including RJS, polymorphic associations (and how to do better tagging with them), join models, integration testing, and more. You can get it as a PDF right now for $21.50.

So help us help you. Test Rails 1.1 with your existing applications. Try building new stuff with it. And let us know if something breaks in the process. We will be taking care of all heinous bugs before release. Thank you all!  [Riding Rails]

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