Web Development 2.0

Web Development 2.0. By marc

I gave a rushed and somewhat incoherent talk at the Y Combinator Winter Founder's Program last night (and let me say again — holy cow, they have such great taste in people — the companies they're funding are filled with people I'd love to work with). In it, I reprised a part of the talk I gave in Israel, cataloging some of the software development practices I keep running into at Web 2.0 startups. The interesting thing to me is that so many startups and companies seem to be developing a new set of software development practices independently, and only after the fact sharing them with each other. Software isn't written for Web 2.0 companies the way it was during the bubble, nor is it written the way traditional, shipped software was. New ideas about Web applications seem to necessitate new ways of making those applications. Below is my current catalog of observations (less rushed than last night, and hopefully more coherent); I'd love to have more such practices suggested in the comments. How do you make a Web 2.0 app, and what kind of person is great at it? . . .  [O'Reilly Radar]

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