Webs of small offices

Webs of small offices.  I was chatting with someone today and they said this….

Here's another interesting factoid. My small business clients are turning into webs of small offices. I'm just coming off budget meetings with all of them and fully 80% are planning to expand remote workers and remote offices in the coming 2 years. Big business is dead. Small businesses with a multitude of tiny offices is the new enterprise. This is SBS and more that companies expand their web of offices, the more we're going to need ISA at a good price point.

Now maybe I'm jaded because I hang around a lot of communities of Vars and Vaps, but I think more and more of us are turning away from the traditional “all work in one office” setup to where people are a lot more mobile. Have you sat down with your clients? Helped them do a technology budget? A plan. Thought of the future?

Part of that managed services …isn't it?  [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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