Story Line in 100 Words or Less

Story Line in 100 Words or Less.

A prospective Client asked me to summarize in as few words as possible (imagine!) my “message” based on Re-imagine! Here's what I said:

  1. Wildly altered context (technology, China-India, global terrorism, etc.)
  2. Only answer: Adaptive skills and bold-breathtaking innovation (top-line focus rather
    than cost-cutting focus)
  3. Race way, way up the value-added curve (implemented “game-altering solutions”
    rather than “services,” “experiences” rather than “transactions,” and more)
  4. Radical (!!!) use of IS-IT
  5. A “Roster” of Weird & Wondrous & Entrepreneurial “Talent” engaged in
    “Wow Projects”
  6. “Metabolic Leadership” (Passionate Leaders who instill a Discipline of Execution,
    a Quick Tempo Culture and an appetite to “Eat Radical Change for Breakfast”)

(80 words by my count)  [The Tom Peters Weblog]

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