Autonomy Buys Verity

Autonomy Buys Verity.

Somehow I missed this announcement. I was doing a little research on FAST, the search engine used by Lexis TotalSearch, when I came across their offer to be a “safe harbor” for Verity customers who are concerned about the future of the Verity search engine because of Autonomy's (currently pending) purchase of Verity. A little melodramatic, you might say, since I doubt Autonomy is going to pull the plug anytime soon. By the way, Verity is the full-text search engine behind Interwoven (iManage).

The acquisition isn't final yet, though they recently got the go-ahead from the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission.

Lately, enterprise search has been fighting the public's perception that an easy to use Google-like search is all that should be necessary in enterprise environment as well as the web. See “How Google Has Changed Enterprise Search.” It's not easy being an enterprise search company these days.  [LawLibTech]

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