Tasks From E-mails

Tasks From E-mails.

I’m surprised at how useful I’m finding the new “create task from e-mail” feature in the upcoming release of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. This was a frequently requested feature, but not one that I thought I’d use that much myself. Turns out, I was wrong. :)

haven’t yet set up any automatic task creation from my various support
forms (like I know some of my customers do), but I do use it quite a
bit in two situations:

  • Although there is a pretty
    full-featured mobile interface for Tasks Pro™ and Tasks, when I’m on my
    Treo I’ve found that it’s much faster for me to whip out an e-mail in
    Snappermail than it is to launch the web browser, wait for the page to
    load, etc… Perhaps when I have a faster wireless connection to my
    phone, this will change, but for now the email option is faster. Of
    course, I’ve got a couple of mailboxes with different default task
    properties to keep things nice and organized.
  • I get e-mail
    notifications for posts in my forums. Although I have bookmarklets set
    up to create tasks from web pages, it’s faster for me to simply forward
    the e-mail with the bug report, request, etc. to one of the mailboxes
    I’ve set up and have tasks created that way.

It’s always nice to get little surprises like this.  

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