The Vision Project

The Vision Project.

“The blue moon jumps over the purple sky.”

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The Vision Project, one of Portland Mayor Tom Potter's key initiatives, was launched this week
with the appointment of a 49 member Vision Committee. Members will
spend the next year tapping the community's aspirations and goals to
map out a strategic plan for the next 30 years. Citizens of Oregon's
largest city will be asked to help set the priorities that will act as
roadmap for future.

Perhaps neighborhood “remote offices”, in remodeled
schools and community centers, could utilize teleconferencing and Web 2.0 technologies. Both
the employer and employee can save time and
money. Child care downstairs. Walk to
work. What's the point of commuting when your fellow employees have left the building? Broadband
workers now congregate in cozy remote spots. The trend
is likely to continue.

How will office buildings and cities evolve? . . . [Daily Wireless]

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