iFolder, Drag and Drop Style

iFolder, Drag and Drop Style.


Last night I was trying to show the new iFolder UI to
my wife last night. I tried to make it as interesting as I could so
that I could observe how she might try to use the client (kind of just
a non-formal usability study on the new UI). She was able to connect to
a server/add an account just fine. But, the one thing that she tried
immediately was dragging and dropping a folder from the desktop right
into our iFolder Window.


This is the straw that broke the camel's back. In the usability studies that were done on iFolder (available on betterdesktop.org),
many of the test subjects also tried dragging and dropping folders to
convert them into iFolders. So, tonight, I finally decided to take a
few hours and take the learning curve hit and learn how drag and drop
works. I can't say that I fully understand it quite yet, but at least
it works!


A few of us on the team took some time to
review the usability videos and decided to whitle the list of things to
fix down to a few of the most important items. Our plans for what we're
planning to fix is on the iFolder Website.

still implementing the new interface and making regular check-ins into
CVS in the “ui-icon-view” branch. Once it's mostly functional (so that
someone would be able to use the new UI entirely and do everything that
the old UI provided), I am planning to clean it up and merge it back
into CVS Head. If you're among the bravest, you can just go check out
the latest in the branch and give it a whirl.  [Boyd's Blog]

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