Where's your perimeter?

Where's your perimeter?.

Where's your border? What do you have to defend? Tuesday at 9 a.m PST there will be a web cast on this very subject


Because businesses today have more
network connectivity and more kinds of devices, firewalls no longer
represent barriers that separate corporate intranets from the Internet.
We need to move from the familiar scenario, where the physical boundary
determines access, to a world where access is determined instead by
policy. This Security360 webcast with host Mike Nash addresses how
unmanaged devices can more securely connect to corporate networks. You
will learn about solutions that are available now and can be built on
your company’s existing investments. You will also learn about security
innovations that are coming soon. As with every Security360 webcast,
this session includes a checklist of recommendations and resources, and
also a live question-and-answer session with Mike and guests.

For firms large and small that network
perimeter is moving farther and farther… this week my network is in
Las Vegas at the Bellagio where a firm laptop is at at a conference. I
packed it up, made sure it was patched and ready to go and sent it off
in the big bad world.

Got vendors that come into your network
and want/need a password to your network? Your perimeter is in their
office. Othertimes my perimeter is my phone.

I've heard stories where outside vendors
that have had no background checks end up transfering around data and
moving things around using harddrives and usb devices with no policy or
procedures regarding data handling. We always think big firms have more
security, but I've heard stories that would make your toes curl. User
data transfered over usb drives with no follow up on any sort of data
wiping afterwards. Servers that have no backup and redundancies.

I think none of us are really doing all
the things we should be doing. I know that one thing I will be doing
over Thanksgiving is looking at the software that I need to ensure I
have licenses better documented … things like cdrom media for certain
software that I cannot easily get replacements for. My Microsoft
software via volume licensing I can easily replace and easily get the
product key codes. That's not true for others I have.

So? Where's your perimeter? [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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