Ten worst bugs

Ten worst bugs. Wired has offered their list of the >>ten worst software bugs of all time. I wonder what list the collective wisdom of comp.risks would compile? What does comp.risks make of Wired's list?

My favorite line:

What engineers didn't know was that both the 20 and the 25 were built
upon an operating system that had been kludged together by a programmer
with no formal training.

Um, like most of the programmers I
know, including most of the spectacularly good ones? Formal training
seems to be unrelated to actual programmer skill, as far as my personal
sampling goes. I've been asking the programmers around me how they
learned to program well, and their answers have
not yet once mentioned college classes. Mentors turn up most often as
the answer. I suspect we have no clue yet how to train programmers. [Ceejbot]

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