Get back in the box

Get back in the box. Douglas Rushkoff has published >>a new book
aimed at getting it through the thick heads of America's CEOs that they
aren't going to rescue their companies by fancy marketing working from
the outside in. Instead, what they need to do is return to what they do
best and concentrate on that.

stop solving your problems from the outside in. Get back in the box and
do the thing you actually do best. This disciplined commitment to your
own core passion – and not a consultant, ad campaign, or business plan
– is the source of true innovation.

longevity and prosperity of any enterprise depends most on its
participants' ability to maintain the wellspring of innovation. And the
way to do this is to remember that you are always the source of your
own best ideas. The most successful businesses for the next century
will turn out to have been based not on infinitely repeatable Harvard
Business School lesson plans, but on a combination of competence and


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