Doesn't everyone get goosebumps when http://domain/connectcomputer works on a MCE?

Doesn't everyone get goosebumps when http://domain/connectcomputer works on a MCE?.

So I used the “ Banana hack
to get the domain bits back enabled under the hood on my Media Center
Edition and just for grins I didn't manually install/join the domain. I
wanted to see if all of SBS's wizards would work.

There's nothing like a slight goosebump feeling when you realize that the SBS wizards all work like a champ.  http wack wack put your domain name in wack connectcomputer
and [making sure you put that into your trusted zones in IE just to
make it easier] and we got a domain joined MCE that …the first thing
it does is load up automagically the Outlook and Trend Antivirus.

That folks [are you listening MCE
people?] that's why I love a domain. I want the server to be the
handeroutter of this junk and I don't want to use the Trend PcCillian
peer to peer stuff, I want to set this stuff up at the server and never
worry about it again. I want it to have the blue dot in the corner and
be controlled by my server. I don't do games, but I want the TV stuff.
And I want it joined to my active directory. Next up to test out Remote
Web Workplace [wonder how TV streams over that RWW connection, eh?]

So to all those folks who didn't want to
buy a MCE edition for your firms to be the WOW factor because it
wouldn't join a domain…


Join that domain. Hang it off your SBS Server. You don't need X box extenders in your conference rooms. But hang it off your SBS. Heck even WSUS has the MCE patches these days. 

Kick that WOW factor in your office ten fold, get one of those plasma screens that look really cool and get a Media Center computer. [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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