I feel like the last person in the world to learn about sshfs
via FUSE. All I can say is wow, I threw away all my Nautilus GNOME VFS
shortcuts and went with this instead. Performance and reliability
already seem far far better than the built in GNOME way. I also like
that all applications can use it, not just ones that are specifically
written to use GNOME VFS. So, for example, gedit can actually save
remote files now when I do it this way. Woo! It's also already in
Ubuntu (don't forget to add yourself to the fuse group, oh, and read
the manpage).

I'm wondering how it works in random, pub-like wireless conditions.
Graceful disconnection without exploding is all I'm really after.

Also, I will not be able to attend UBZ, I was hoping to find a cheap
flight but alas, the funds just aren't there for me right now.
Hopefully someone will videotape at least the cheerleading bits of Love
Day for us.  [jorge @ whiprush.org]

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