David Pogue stands up for the little guy

David Pogue stands up for the little guy.

Pogue rants against annoying plastic packaging, the number of times
customer support lines ask for phone or credit card numbers, power
strip bricks, and more in 10 Ways to Please Us, the Customers.

Thou shalt not entomb thy product in indestructible plastic. Sure, we
understand the temptation: you want your packaging to be sturdy yet
see-through, so shoppers can see exactly what they’re buying. Trouble
is, you’re caring only about whether people take your product home; you
apparently don’t care about what happens after that. You don’t seem to
mind that getting those hard plastic packages open is a dangerous
ritual involving scissors, steak knives, band saws and, eventually,
blow torches…

IX. Thou shalt not hog the power strip. If a power
cord absolutely must incorporate one of those big black transformer
bricks, how about putting it in the middle of the cord? When the
transformer brick is at the prong end, it hogs three slots on our power
strips or both outlets on the wall, and that’s just greedy.

[Signal vs. Noise]

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