The general-purpose CMS (pipe dreams, part II)

The general-purpose CMS (pipe dreams, part II).

As t approaches zero,
people will realize that many types of software are non-sensical in
their generalized form. I believe the time has come to mark a date in
the not too distant future for celebrating the death of the
general-purpose content management system.

In many ways, I believe it was always a pipe dream. Sort of like the high-level components
that the industry has always sought. Or model-driven architecture/CASE
tools. I believe all these fantasies can be summarized in a correlation
of price and delusion:

The more expensive it is to create fresh software, the more appealing the mirage of generalization will appear.

And I think we've already seen the rise of its replacements for
smaller segments of generalities. The blog is a much more specialized,
much better alternative for a large group of problems that where
previously considered content management. The same for the wiki.

We need even more narrow tools. While it'll never reach zero, t is
aiming enough in that direction to expose the fraud of ultimate
generalization. So don't accept the label of content. Nobody produces
content. People write reviews, people write news, people write
articles, people exhibits photos.

Try to realize, there is no content  [Loud Thinking]

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