Red light, Green light: Go!

Red light, Green light: Go!.
Mike Gunderloy Is one of the few developers every developer can learn a
lot from, and his latest article at is must reading if
you want to develop world-class software and have world-class Micro-ISV
sales. Image every time you made a code change in your Mico-ISV's
product and checked that change into your source control system a
little icon in your system tray turned yellow. Then if that change did
not break any of your unit tests, your code coverage, your coding
standards, your installer build routine and all the other steps to
getting to done, that little icon turns green. If it turns red, you've
got a problem, but you just saved about 5 hours of drudgery needed to
learn about that problem. It would be like having an entire
organization of testers, conformance checkers, build engineers, install
build technicians all waiting in some other room for you… []

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