Dell … if I'm a corporation …I'm not buying XP HOMES!!!

Dell … if I'm a corporation …I'm not buying XP HOMES!!!.

Dell Optiplex “Means Business” as the headline reads…why then as I am
spec'ing out a new desktop for the office does it DEFAULT… DEFAULT mind you to XP Home. Dell WHY are you shoving XP HOME
machines down my fellow small business owners when the Optiplex line is
supposedly for business? Do I now have to go to the Precision line of
desktops which appear to be all XP Pro based machines?

Then on the Precision lines… they are
putting 160 gig to 250 gig harddrives on those local drives. In a
business setting…where the desktops are not getting as backed up as
they should… why do we need a 250 gig harddrive? Shouldn't we instead
be making sure that we're backing up all critical data on the server?

Then, the default is to not give me a
resource cdrom for drivers. Again, for disaster recovery purposes
…why would I not want such a cdrom?

Then what drives me crazy as an admin is
the size of the minimum harddrives. I don't want a workstation to have
80 gigs of storage. Why do my workers need that much? For the mp3 files
they are not supposed to be downloading? The Precisions are even worse
with a minimum of 160 gigs of storage as default.

Now granted one could take advantage of
the new Small Business SKU and buy XP Home on those boxes and then add
Windows XP Pro with software assurance…but that just seems a bit
cumbersome as well.  [E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva”]

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