Microsoft Reaching Out To Hobbyists

Microsoft Reaching Out To Hobbyists. By nat

From Computerworld comes a story about coding4fun,
a site that MIcrosoft hopes will be a hub for hobbyist developers. It's
good to see the largest software company on the planet thinking again
about how to make programming fun and accessible. This comes on the
heels of Microsoft's Express
suite of cheaper versions of their core developer suites, which was
also aimed at lowering the barrier to entry for programming. This will
make things interesting–the coding4fun site is full of projects that
used to be nearly exclusively the domain of open source, Java, and the
other net.darlings. If there are low barriers to entry for both
platforms, the differentiating factors will move to things like
community passion, community openness, opportunities for fame,
opportunities for money, and so on. Interesting times ahead …  [O'Reilly Radar]

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