Ten commands of sysadmin

Ten commands of sysadmin.

had a really great series on the Ten Commandments of system
administration. They’re fairly basic, but given the thrust, that should
be expected. Many of the commandments, though not all, are
security-related, and while I might disagree with some of the
discussion, overall all the reminders are useful to see areas you might
have simply forgotten. And there are a lot of interesting ideas I
hadn’t thought of prior to this: the commandment dealing with cable
management has some good tricks, for example. I only wish the articles
had been a little more fleshed-out, but the comments make up for it in many cases.

The 10 commandments:

  1. Thou shalt make regular and complete backups
  2. Thou shalt establish absolute trust in thy servers
  3. Thou shalt be the first to know when something goes down
  4. Thou shalt keep server logs on everything
  5. Thou shalt document complete and effective policies and procedures
  6. Thou shalt know what cable goes where
  7. Thou shalt use encryption for insecure services
  8. Thou shalt not lose system logs when a server dies
  9. Thou shalt know the openings into your servers
  10. Thou shalt not waste time doing repetitive and mundane tasks

[Caffeinated Security]

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